Winnie Caldwell, Founder of The Wire Hanger by Winnie

Hey! I am Winnie Elizabeth Caldwell. I’m a dreamer and a doer. I use my testimonies as different pieces of advice to share through my writing. As the founder of The Wire Hanger by Winnie (visit here), I have reached the masses by inspiring with the help of some amazing contributors. Although, editor in Chief is just one hat I wear. I am a mommy of an amazing child photographer (check him out here), avid traveler, sister, daughter, best friend, Kimberly Elise look alike and tea connoisseur.

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But with all of that being said I have learned to use the gifts God gave me to help others. You can also find me as the following:

  • SPEAKER As a very active member at my former church home, Jamison Memorial CME Church, in St. Louis, MO; this is where I got my public speaking training. Countless times, I am requested to lead worship service, host special church events and more! I have also done speaking engagements for youth motivation in entrepreneurship.
  • INFLUENCER With over 41,000 readers, fans, and followers around the world, I have learned how to use my influence. With the gift of social media engagement and storytelling, I’ve grasped how to influence positively! Check out my blog (aka my digital baby) here!

Any other inquiries? Feel free to reach out to me so we can work together!

Contact me here!